Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy as a Tridacna Maxima

I've been longing for a clam for some time. I finally came home with one yesterday. It's only a few inches long.

Last night I placed it high on a rock and placed a small rock next to it to keep it in place. This morning it wasn't there. It had fallen between two pieces of LR. I decided to place it in the sand so it wouldn't fall again. I hope it gets enough light there. This evening I burried a piece of rock in the sand and placed the clam on top of that. This will allow me to move it without breaking any of its byssal threads that would otherwise attach to the bottom of the tank.

It doesn't look like it has fully extended its mantle yet. Then again I disturbed it this evening to place the rock under it. It quickly draws in its mantle when my yellow tang swims close by.