Sunday, October 24, 2010

After the Crash

My tank has started recovering from this spring's crash. For a while I could barely stand to look at my tank. Throughout the summer I thought things were recovering but I would then have an unexpected loss.

After coming back from vacation at the end of July my Green Slimer had no polyp extension. I never figured out why. I watched it start losing tissue. Despite fragging I knew I would lose all of it so I pulled it out on August 3rd.

Late August or Early September my Bird of Paradise RTNed. It was beautiful one evening and the next day after work it was gone with the exception of a few tips. I cut off three tips just a few millimeters long and glued them to a plug. Two survived and are growing well. Not a great pic.

Here are some more survivors:

Lots of pieces of this digita died. Fragged the dead pieces off but still showing some scars.

This Forest Fire Digitata was wounded but survived.

I have no idea what this acro is. A very slow grower and showed no sign of stress during the crash.

This purple stylo is the most expensive coral I've bought. Thankfully it survived.

Growth was also stunted on my blue and pink stylos. They have started growing again. Here is the pink.

My Sunset monti was unfazed by the whole ordeal.

I thought that I would lose my monti caps but they pulled through after bleaching pretty badly. The orange cap is now about 1/2" away from the front glass. I can no longer get the Mag Float between it and the glass.

The above picture also shows a smile green slimer that survived. One branch from the large colony reached a rock and encrusted to it. The tip of the branch later broke off when the colony was slightly moved. That piece survived and is now shooting up new branches.

I believe this is a Joe the Coral. It also survived. It lost a lot of color during the crash and turned mostly and army camo green. The tips are now growing quickly and are a beautiful blue. This piece has red bugs but is doing well anyway.


This pink birdsnest also survived and is growing quickly now.

This one was completely browned out and given up for dead.

The following are some pieces I've purchased over the last few months.

The flesh of this one was almost white at the LFS with a hint of yellow. It has darkened to green in my tank but retained the blue tips.

Yellow A. Caroliniana?

Tenuis? This one is curved and the picture is looking at it from the top. It's much bigger than it looks in this picture.


The tips of two others.

Perhaps a Purple Monster in the center. Green tipped birdsnest is on the right. The pink stylo that survived is on the left.

A couple of millies. The second one was getting stung by my anemone so it was recently moved. It had great polyp extension before it started getting stung. Hopefully it will live. There is also a third one that I didn't photograph.


This digitata was added recently but isn't doing well. I already fragged a few tips.

I bought another pink birdsnest. At the store it was much pinker than mine and under actinics was blue. After a couple of weeks in my system the color changed and looks exactly like my established pink birdsnest even though it is near the top of the tank. It is to the left of the cap.
From 2010_10_20

Finally, a full tank shot.