Friday, December 19, 2008

Star Polyps Closed

My star polyps haven't opened since my water change. My mushrooms also look smaller. It's been two days. Not sure what the deal is. All my water parameters look great. Added some carbon last night just in case there was some residual bleach in the rock. All other corals look great. My tooth coral is opening wider than I have ever seen and toadstool looks like it is growing. Still no luck with my open brain opening.

EDIT: The star polyps opened this morning. I also discovered that I created a leak of sorts when I added the carbon last night. I had the sock draped over my HOB skimmer box and it was wicking water and dripping it onto the carpet behind the tank. I noticed that the level of RO water in the reservoir went down more than usual in one night and got curious and heard a drip while investigating. Carpet is a little wet behind the tank. I have a small fan blowing on it to dry it up. Hopefully it doesn't start growing mold. Water and I just don't get along.

New light fixture should be arriving today if the UPS guy can make it through the snowstorm. Bulbs arrived yesterday without any casualties.