Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fragging Xenia

As noted in my previous post my Xenia is spreading like crazy. So, I decided to try fragging some. I read that I should try to pull a piece entirely off a rock rather than cutting it. However when I did this it was like a just squeezed the snot out of it and the foot refused to budge. Perhaps next time I'll try to pry it off the rock with a screwdriver.

From Paul's Reef - Apr 15, 2008

Scissors were closer so I decided to cut a few stalks. I placed them in a small reusable Glad container that deli meat comes in along with some sand and rubble rock. I covered the container with some bridle veil netting and secured it with a rubber band. I'm hoping that some of these will attach themselves to some of the rocks and begin to grow. The pieces I cut off are already pulsing in the container even though they are upside down.

Xenia is too slippery to super glue to rock so it either needs to be secured to the rock by sewing with fishing line or it needs to attach itself on its own. I'm trying the latter approach.

From time to time I still see a piece of colt coral that I fragged rolling around on the sand. It actually looks healthy but it hasn't attached to anything yet. If I see it again, I'll throw it in the container.