Monday, December 8, 2008

Resurrecting Live Rock

Yesterday I put what used to be a piece of live rock back in my tank. I removed it in January because it had an infestation of bubble algae that was spreading. You can read the original post here. It was really a coral skeleton with many branches and a lot of surface area. I bleached it for a few days and rinsed it several times in dechlorinated water. I let it sit out for a couple of weeks. It's now back in the tank. I placed it under some other live rock so it doesn't stand out as badly as it would if were on top. I wonder how long until it is encrusted with coraline.

I also have some old rock that someone gave me from their SW tank years ago when they gave me a used 75 gal tank. I decided it was time to turn the pieces that I could tell were coral skeletons into LR too. Those pieces are soaking in bleach now. Lots of the pieces have dried up hair algae on them. I'm not sure what the other pieces are so I'll probably throw them out.