Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sleeping with the Anemone

Last night was the first time that my tomato clown spent the night in his new anemone. The previous night it went and slept against the side glass close to my ocellaris where it has always spent the night since I bought him. Last night, however, after the lights went out it stayed in the anemone. It was still there this morning before the lights turned on.

This relationship continues to grow as time goes on. It keeps spending more and more time within, around and even under the anemone. It is now inside the anemone more often than not.

I'm pretty sure that the clown did not take to the anemone right away because the anemone wasn't looking great. It took two months of manual feeding to fatten it up to the point where the clown felt it was a suitable anemone. The anemone really opened up the day after I upgraded my lighting to T5s. It must have looked too inviting for the clown not to dive in at this point.

My advice to people that can't get their clown to host an anemone is to make sure you are pairing the right fish to the right anemone. Not all clowns will host all anemones. Secondly, make sure your anemone looks healthy. Your clown, like every creature, wants a nice home to call its own.