Monday, February 9, 2009

Put my Xenia to Work

I stopped into a LFS on Saturday and asked them if they would be interested in taking some of my Red Sea Pom-Pom Xenia frags from store credit. I was prepared and took a video with my phone so I was able to show them pulsing away. He said to bring in 10 of them and we negotiated on a price of $5/rock. Most rocks had two small stalks, some had one and one had 4. He said he would be interested in more when I get them. He actually gave me cash. So what did I do with my hard-earned pay? I bought another coral of course. A beautiful leather.

I think this was a pretty sweet deal. I would have had to eventually throw the Xenia out to trim them back to prevent them from taking over the entire tank. I hope to have another crop ready to go in another month.

These pictures were taken by wife. Who is, for the most part, very understanding of my obsession/hobby.

My toadstool leather that I've had for some time hasn't opened up during the day since I got the new leather. Its tentacles were out this morning when I woke up and the tank was still dark.