Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gold Flakes Inside My Anemone

So I was looking at my bubble tip anemone the other day and I noticed a spot of color on one of its tentacles.

I sat there and watched it for a while and realized that the speck or flake was moving and was inside the tentacle.

When the tentacle was lifted straight up by the current the flake would fall with gravity.

When the tentacle drifted down, the flake would work its way towards the tip of the tentacle. Looking around I could see some very small flakes in a few other tentacles.

So what are these? These flakes look like the flakes of real gold in a bottle of Goldschlager. Now I've heard of people dosing their tanks with vodka to help with nitrate reduction. Now, it almost looks like somebody has been giving my anemone Goldschlager. Could my anemone be sneaking out of the tank when we aren't home and getting into the liquor cabinet? Hmmm, better install a webcam.