Monday, November 24, 2008

Protein Skimmer Gone Wild

My AquaC Remora protein skimmer has been producing skimmate like crazy for the past week. The screen on the input of my Maxijet 1200 that drives the skimmer kept getting clogged with small pieces of Chaeto algae. I got tired of removing the algae so I simply took the screen off. I wasn't able to notice a change of flow out of the skimmer but the amount of skimmate produced went up big time. It now produces as much skimmate in a day as it used to produce in a week. Around the same type I increased the amount of two-part additive (pH/Alkalinity and calcium) I was adding each day. I have since reduced the dosing to the previous level. It's possible that this contributed and it's possible that lowering the temperature contributed. My money is on increasing the flow through the AquaC though.

I'm hoping this helps the skimmer become more effective. When performing water changes I've noticed the old water had a yellow hue to it as compared with new water. Maybe this is normal. After all its used water.