Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Starfish

Lots of starfish sightings this weekend. Looks like the small starfish I've seen and described yesterday are Asterina Starfish. Looks like some people say they will eat some types of coral. I haven't seen them doing anything nefarious just yet so I'll let them be.

For the first time I saw one of these guys on the front glass. I slapped on the macro lens and started taking pictures. On Saturday I said I wasn't sure these guys were actually starfish. Now it's pretty obvious they are.

From Paul's Reef

I was hoping these guys would grow up to be a really nice big colorful starfish. Looks like these buggers will stay tiny.

I also got a glimpse of a white brittle star. The picture is very poor. It's the best one I could get before it disappeared in the rock. It's near the center of the picture below. Not much to look at right now.

From Paul's Reef