Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Feed an Anemone

My Bubble Tip Anemone is looking better now that I have started feeding it again. It doesn't always have the bubble tips but they usually appear at night once the lights start to dim. I had stopped feeding for two reasons many months ago. The first reason was that my anemone would move after it was fed. I figured it didn't like to be fed so I stopped feeding it. The second reason is my cleaner shrimp would descend on the anemone and stick its claws inside of it and pull out the food.

When I started feeding it again I had to keep my hand in the tank to chase the shrimp away until the anemone was done eating. I soon got tired of keeping my hand in the tank for 15 minutes. My new approach is to simply pay off the shrimp to buy protection for the anemone. Instead of using one chunk of frozen food I now use two. The first goes to the shrimp to keep it occupied. The second goes to the anemone. This arrangement keeps everybody happy.

Still no luck getting a clown fish to host it though.