Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rod's Food

When I first set up my tank I fed only Formula One flake food. A few weeks later I started feeding frozen Formula One and frozen Formula Two. The frozen Formula One is red and mostly fish based whereas the two is supposed to be more for herbivores. My fish never really liked the Formula Two but they loved the frozen One. They also seem to love the Formula One flake.

A few months ago I started feeding frozen Rod's Food and frozen Mysis shrimp. My fish love both of these. The Rod's food is made up of all sorts of visible shrimp and fish parts and the fish go after it like crazy.

I mainly feed flake in the morning because I'm usually in a hurry. In the evening I would rotate between Formula One, Rod's food and mysis shrimp for variety. About every other day I'll clip a piece of Nori in the tank. My tangs and my cleaner shrimp go after this like crazy too.

My "problem" is that once I started feeding the Rod's Food my fish thumb their noses at the frozen Formula One. They swim up to it quickly and just watch it fall to the bottom. There the crabs and shrimp will go for it. My fish, however, have voted. They prefer the Rod's food big time.