Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hosting Brain Coral

Well, it looks like it's final. My Ocellaris Clownfish has decided that it wants to host in my open brain coral rather than the green bubble tip anemone in the tank. For the last several months the clownfish has hung out near the coral. It would even venture between the walls of the big polyps. Today, I noticed it rubbing around inside a polyp over and over again and sometimes just laying down inside of it. I guess it makes sense. One of the preferred host anemones for the Ocellaris is the giant carpet anemone. This open brain coral resembles a green carpet anemone more than the green bubble tip anemone does.

It is somewhat of a disappointment though because I hoped i would be able to see the clownfish wiggle around inside the tentacles of a real anemone. I knew that it was unlikely that the two would bond when I bought the anemone several months ago but I decided to go for it anyway. This is still fun to watch though.