Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Powerheads on Order

I've had my aquaclear 802 (70) powerhead unplugged for a while now to prevent any additional tragedies. My Blue Tang looks like he has recovered fully from getting sucked into the powerhead. The white lines on its right side have vanished. I figured out that this powerhead doesn't come with a cone shaped screen that's why I could never find them. My torch coral isn't expanding quite the way it had been. It really liked the higher current.

I have two new powerheads on order. I decided to go with Hydor Koralia 3 pumps from Marine Depot. They are meant specifically for circulating water in a tank with a gentle flow rather than sucking water through an undergravel filter lift tube. At 4 incles long they are a little big but I should be able to hide them behind live rock. If I do end up putting them in plain view I'm sure they will be covered with coralline algae within a few months anyway and blend in. What is really nice about these is that they are held in place with magnets so they can be positioned anywhere. There are no suction cups to lose grip causing them to fall.