Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I spotted my Regal Tang seeking out a cleaning from my Fire Shrimp. I got curious since I never saw this tang seeking out a cleaning from my cleaner shrimp nor have I seen any fish seek out a cleaning from my Fire Shrimp. Upon closer examination I discovered that my Regal Tang has a nasty case of Ich. I also spotted a few spots on my Royal Gramma. I have seen both scratching against the glass or a rock. Both are eating vigorously.

I always shied away from the Regal Tang because they always looked unhealthy in the store. This one looked healthy to me so I bought it several weeks ago. Now, a few weeks after getting sucked into my powerhead and surviving it gets sick. I have since read that these fish are Ich magnets"

Quote from wetwebmedia.com: "One of the other problems associated with Hepatus Tangs is their tendency to become sickly. They have a strong propensity to contract a variety of parasitic infections, especially marine Ich or Cryptocaryon. This infection is so prevalent with this species that many people refer to this fish as the “Ich magnet”. There is another health concern with this particular fish."

I tested my water the weekend before last. My nitrate was at 5ppm. Chemically everything looks good. I'm not sure what to do except wait. I probably should get a quarantine tank set up.

This is the first time I've ever encountered Ich in either salt or freshwater. Hopefully, this works out OK.