Friday, January 18, 2008

Wandering Anemone

My green bubble anemone has been wandering around the tank quite a bit lately. Every time I think it has settled down it decides to move. It had been opening really wide during the day to a diameter of about 10 inches. Then it decided to pack up and move. Just before it moved I had fed it some Formula one frozen food. Yes, I thawed it first. The next day there was some stringy black material coming out of its mouth and it wasn't fully open. I can only assume that this was anemone poop. Yes, anemones poop out of their mouths. Be thankful you're not an anemone. It then decided to start wandering around. For about a day it moved to the glass by my heater. Now it is back under a rock. It was a tucked into a ball last night. This morning it was open to a diameter of about 5 inches.

I have noticed that it tends to move after I feed it. I can take a hint. I'll stop feeding it and see what happens. They say if your anemone wanders its not happy. All my water parameters seem good so I don't know what to change. I'll leave it be and see what happens.