Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Flame is In and the Fire is Out

Yesterday the firefish started swimming around the tank in full view away from their bolt hole. They didn't stay out for hours at a time but they were out nonetheless. One of the fish ventured completely to the opposite side of the tank. So, it ended up taking about a week and a half for them to get comfortable. The yellow tang doesn't bother them anymore either.

I also added a Flame angelfish yesterday. It is such a beautiful fish I had to try it. It was still hiding behind the live rock this morning. I did get a glimpse of it. Some people say they are absolutely reef safe other say they are not. I'll see how it does in mine. Hopefully, it doesn't pick at my corals.

Many would say I am overpopulating my tank at this point. Perhaps I am. I am planning on setting up another tank this year that will be centered around a Picasso Trigger. My Blue or Yellow tang can eventually move into that tank. I tested nitrates last weekend and they were at 5ppm. Still nice and low.

There are two more fish I want to add to this tank. A Scooter Blenny and a Six Line Wrasse. I will wait several weeks before adding anything else and keep an eye on the nitrates in the process.