Friday, November 9, 2007

Tongue Coral on The Move

My piece of tongue coral is looking better. I thought it was as good as dead but it is looking healthier today. I moved it to the top of some live rock to see if getting more light would help. It didn't. The polyps stayed completely retracted while it was there. I then moved it back to the sandbed but in a different spot. This time close to the front glass. I also brought a water sample to my LFS for testing on Wednesday. They said my water was perfect. No nitrates, nitrites, ammonia or phosphates were detectable. My salinity was perfect and my pH was at 8.1. He said it was perfect but I would prefer if it was a little higher. I reduced the temperature of the tank from about 79 deg F to 78. Yesterday, the polyps started to come back out. Albeit, only half way. Maybe my temperature is too high. The problem is the temperature goes up whenever the lights are on. I figured if I kept the temperature on the high side the temp of the tank would be overall more stable.