Sunday, November 18, 2007

Emerald Crab Dead (or not)

I saw what I thought was left of my emerald crab sucked up against the intake of one of my powerheads this afternoon. I was not able to recover the corpse as it slipped behind some live rock and I lost it there. However, a few hours later I saw another emerald crab in my tank. This one had two claws whereas the one I bought was claw-challanged as it had only one. Is it possible that my Emerald Crab molted? Do they molt like shrimp? Did I see the molted shell up against the powerhead? If crabs do molt would it generate a new claw in the process. Or, perhaps, did I have a second Emerald Crab hitch-hiker in my tank all along? The world may never know.

Well, a Google search revealed that Emerald Crabs do molt. Also, when crabs molt they grow new limbs. If they lose a limb or claw it regenerates in the next molt. I continue to learn something new every day. I so love this hobby. There is so much to observe and so much to learn.