Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Coralline Algae

Yesterday I noticed some small pink circles of coralline growing on my filter tubes and power heads. I also noticed some small white circles on the glass. So, after a month of setting up my tank I am seeing coralline algae propagating throughout it. This is good! I've been waiting for it show up. This is a sign that may tank is healthy and established. The books I read said it would take about eight weeks to show up but I got it in four.

My recommendation to others is to make sure you use RO/DI water in your tank. Don't skimp on this. Water is the most important thing you add to your tank. Make sure it is the highest quality possible and phosphate and nitrate free. You can get some good RO units on eBay for about $100.

My second recommendation is to get good quality live rock and live sand. The rock I bought was heavily encrusted with lots of colors of Coralline and macro algae. I put 40 pounds of rock and 60 pounds of sand in my tank and added two clown fish within two days. I never saw an ammonia spike. My tank was instantly cycled.

Now I can't wait for my back glass to become heavily encrusted with the pastel colors of Coralline.