Thursday, October 8, 2009

BTA Split

One of my two BTAs split again last night. I consider this the original mother because after it split the first time this was the larger of the two.

When I came home from work yesterday I noticed a hole in the anemone. The live rock was clearly visible through the hole.

It appears that it split on one side of the mouth first starting within the anemone. It didn't split starting from the edge as I imagined it would. At the time I took this picture it hadn't even started splitting on the other side of the mouth. It looks like it split on one side first and then the other.

I couldn't stay up and watch the whole thing. When I woke up the split had completed.

The anemone split right through the center of its mouth. The remnants of the mouth are clearly visible in the pictures above. The other half was hiding behind the rock and was barely visible.

When I came home from work both halves had moved behind the rock but were still somewhat visible.