Saturday, October 31, 2009

Anemone Worries

Yesterday, my anemone that resulted from my first split looked awesome. It was well inflated in the right-rear corner of my tank looking better than I've ever seen it. It had spent the previous month between my Xenia rock, the one I had pulled them all off of, and the glass. In the last few days it moved to the other side of the rock and opened nicely between my Monti Cap and Green Slimer. I was a little worried it would sting the cap but it didn't stay there long. It moved back t its original location. It then moved back to the corner.

This morning I found the anemone deflated on the bottom of the tan completely deflated. A small section of its tentacles were clear. The ones still with color were fluorescing a bright shade of green. It looked limp and done. There were even a few pieces f tentacles on the sand bed. It looked like it had gotten into a fight with a powerhead and lost. I knew that couldn't be the case since my powerheads were wrapped in bridal veil netting to protect the anemones.

I feared that it was dead or dying. Knowing that a dying anemone can nuke a tank I felt that it may need to removed. I picked it up and noticed the foot was still firmly attached to several pieces or LR rubble. A good sign. I decided to leave it in and observe it. Had it not been attached I would have removed it.

Over the course of the day it moved a little. Climbing the glass an inch or two and then returning to the sandbed. My cleaner shrimp kept picking at it on and off throughout the day.

It's strange how the body of the anemone is sunk within the outside of it's column. I've never seen one do this before.

As of a few minutes ago it crawled to a dark spot on the sandbed. I'm not sure what to think or do at this point. Do I leave it in and risk it dying and killing everything in the tank? Or do I sacrifice it to guarantee the safety of the others?

Not sure what caused this to occur. I do no my nitrates were somewhere around 7 ppm this morning. This is the highest it's been in perhaps a year. I lost a firefish a while ago and noticed some elevated nitrate levels. However last week nitrate was undetectable.

I think I'll do a water change and run carbon tonight. I can't get myself to destroy an animal that may be going through some ordinary thing.