Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Royal Gramma

I haven't seen it since May 29th when it was sitting on the bottom covered with white spots and breathing laboriously. Pretty safe to declare him dead. The spots are gone from my Yellow Tang.

I've done 4 water changes in the last 5 days. I changed about 16 gallons in each water change which is about 20 or 25%. My nitrates have dropped. However I can't tell how low. The color for 4ppm and 10ppm look the same to me for the API kit. I'm guessing I'm around 10 ppm now. I'll have to find a better kit to use that has more resolution.

I also increase the water flow in the tank big time. I put my two Koralia 3 power heads back in. Each of those is rated for 850 gph if I remember right. So between my Koralias and my two Emperor filters (400 & 280) I should have 2380 gph of flow in my tank. I also have two smaller power heads with unknown ratings. So my water is turning over more than 33 times/hour. This should help deliver water to the live rock and sand for filtering. Hopefully this will help with the nitrates.