Monday, April 28, 2008

New Corals

This weekend was the annual Pet Club Sale at Birds and Beasts in Crystal lake. If you are a pet club member you get 25% off of pretty much anything in the store. This includes CORALs. Normally they are priced at $60 - 10% off or $54. This weekend they were $45. I bought three. I know I shouldn't have because it really is a lot of money. However, I made the sacrifice anyway. Not for me but for our economy. My economic stimulus check will be direct deposited soon. By spending this money on these three corals I did my part in securing a prosperous future for America.

Here they are.

Number one. Some sort of a brain coral....I think. I had my eye on this one for a few weeks. One week a salesperson said it was a brain. The next week a different person said it was a tooth coral. I really don't know. I looked around and couldn't find any pictures that looked like this one. When I add Rod's food to the tank it some times lets its tentacles out to feed. Whatever it is it is beautiful.

The next one is a different brain coral. Also colorful. This one is very different from the green brain I bought months ago. The green was is very fleshy. This one is not. After I got it home I saw there was some exposed skeleton on it. This isn't good since it makes it susceptible to a green boring algae.

Finally, because size does matter, I bought a huge colt coral. It is big enough to frag now. I think I'll wait and see how quickly it grows first.

As you can see in the above picture my Coralline algae is out of control. It is growing everywhere now. Even on the front glass. Time to get the razor out.