Saturday, April 19, 2008

Green bubble tip anemone moved again

After spending more than a month or so in the same location near the bottom of my tank my anemone decided to move. Last week I performed a water change and it didn't like getting stirred up by me adding the water as quickly as I did. It closed up and moved to the backside of the rock without really moving its foot. The next day it opened up very nicely. It looked like it was enjoying the water change. A few days later it decided to poop. This could mean that it wasn't too happy. I'm not sure what it really means but some say it was expelling some of its zoothanthellae and by shrinking up it was doing its own water change. A few days later I tried feeding it. It began to move the food towards its mouth using its tentacles. I'm not sure how much it ate because my cleaner shrimp stole most of its food.

Now it has moved to the dark top back corner of my tank just above a power head. Its foot is attached to the glass. I'm glad I didn't have my powerheads running. If I did it surely would have been sucked up into the powerhead when it released its foot and floated to this location. The anemone is opened and it looks otherwise healthy. I've noticed in the past that feeding the anemone seemed to result it in moving. Perhaps it really doesn't like to be fed. I hadn't tried feeding it for months but I decided to try again after reading how they should be fed every few days.