Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Anemone Split

After getting home from work yesterday I looked at my tank and saw that my Green Bubble Tip Anemone had split into two. It may have split Thursday night or during the day on Thursday. I looked at the tank on Friday morning before the lights came on and it looked like the anemone was covering a larger area. I started to worry that it was moving again.

Thursday I traveled for work all day and had to get up at 4:00 am to make a 7:00 flight. It was a one day trip and when I got home I was too tired to do much more than glance at the tank nothing caught my eye.

Kind of weird but the two clones have different personalities. The top clone is keeping the tentacles inflated. The bottom one is not. It also looks like the bottom clone has already developed a new mouth whereas the top one is still working on it. The clown goes back and forth between the two like it is a single anemone.

So why did my BTA split?

Chances are I stressed it during the water change I performed on Wednesday night. I poured a bucket of water in kind of quickly right over the anemone. I had done this before however this time the flow was a little faster since the bucket kind of got away from me.

It was right after I did this water change that I removed the bridal veil netting from my two Koralia power heads. This really increased the flow. The tentacles of the anemone were now waving all over the place. The increased flow may also have been the culprit.

Perhaps the was just happy and wanted to reproduce. I don't know. The anemone seems to have been happier lately and hadn't moved for about a month. I think it settled down because I started feeding it again. I had stopped feeding it after my Tomato clown started hosting it and was feeding it. I hadn't seen the clown feeding it so I was worried that it wasn't getting enough to eat. So now I give it about a third of a thawed shrimp tail twice a week. Perhaps the feeding made it happy again. Who knows.

I am wondering if it one of them is going to split again. I can see the foot gripping the rock one two sides of the anemone. I'll have to keep an eye on it.