Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day Three

My tank has been inhabited for three days now. So far so good. No deaths that I know of anyway. My two common clowns swim all over the tank. My two pepermint shrimp, well I don't know where they are. I saw one this morning. I know they are mostly nocturnal so I'm not too worried. Ammonia and nitrite are both at 0.

I love looking at the live rock. I bought my live rock from Birds and Beasts in Crystal Lake, Illinois. At $8/lb I overpaid. However this live rock had more life on it than I have seen in any other pet shop. It is totally encrusted with Coraline algae and some red and green macro algae. It is also much more porus than the rock I have seen at other local fish stores.

What is that anemone-like thing in the center of the picture. I'm told that it isn't the dreaded Aiptasia pest anemone. Could it be Nausithoe cf. punctata which is the polyp stage of a jellyfish? Whatever it is I have hundreds of them all over my rock. Hopefully they don't become a problem.